Jamie Brook
I like sketching. I like my surname. Hence SketchBrook. Here you can find my professional (if allowed) and experimental work. Some of which is great, some of which is just odd. Find out more via the links above kindly held by my likeness. Enjoy.
Norwich Castle,
Jamie Brook
What I say

Welcome to Sketchbrook, portfolio of Jamie Brook. I've spent the past 6 years working as a Creative Developer building creative interactions and animations for the Oil and Gas eLearning industry. As is the professional way, a lot of this is locked away behind NDA's. This site is therefore a dumping ground for my personal development, which shows my love for front-end interactive development and any ideas that might come to mind. Enjoy.

What they say

Professional and calm individual who easily can plan, execute and evaluate small to large scale multi million pound projects using a range of creative, digital tools to offer solutions. Innovative artist and manager who have developed staff to much higher proficiency levels. Expert with the Adobe Creative suite to produce high class animations, interactions and simulators. Knowledgeable and highly experienced in all levels of eLearning and training.
Jon Rogers, Oilennium


• Adobe Creative Suite
• 3ds Max
• Unity
• Paint, Pens, Pencils


• Actionscript 2/3
• Objective-C/Swift
• Jquery, GSAP
• Unity - C++/Unityscript

Sweetch is a universal iOS light switch simulator game. Everyone loves light switches. Imagine the joy of carrying one around, able to interact with it anytime you want. There were already a few light switch simulators on the app store, however no others allow for custom wallpapers and Gamecentre based hi-scores.

Do you own a microwave? Does it have a clear digital display? Mine doesn't. Every time it get's used I enjoy counting down with it. Trying to time my final second with that of the 'Ping'. It very rarely worked. Cownt is an upcoming iOS game to improve my (microwave) counting skills.